Mario Schifano



Studio d’Arte Raffaelli
March 23 – May 23, 2020

The artist’s visionary horizon overlaps – in the most consistent core of the exhibition – with the stereotyped images of the television screen, distorted and reinterpreted by the unmistakable pictorial sign of Schifano. Like tiles in a more complex mosaic, the painted photographs tell a possible Italian story of the late twentieth century, doubly filtered by the media fiction and the artist’s vision. Lucid in his personal reading of the artistic and social panorama of his time, Mario Schifano knew how to grasp the essence hidden behind each image and return it in a new form using an unmistakable and universal pictorial lexicon for immediacy and communicative ability.

ArtVerona 2021

The Studio d’Arte Raffaelli is glad to invite you to participate in a new edition of Art Verona, where it will present a selection of the newest artwork by Laurina Paperina, from the artist’s latest solo exhibition at the gallery “The sleep of reason produces...

Umar Rashid: Beyond the Streets on Paper

This summer Umar Rashid aka Frohawk Two Feathers gives you a chance to explore history and storytelling through his own lens. Be ready to challenge your imagination and open your mind by visiting the Beyond the Streets on Paper exhibition in New York City. ‘Beyond the...

David Aaron Angeli: Anima Mundi

In favor of a new balance between man and nature.

From 18th of July till 19th of September in the Contemporary Art Museum in Cavalese an art exhibition ANIMA MUNDI is taking place.

In the framework of this event, there is a chance to explore artworks by artists from different countries and continents. Studio d’Arte Raffaelli is honored that David Aaron Angeli, who is one of the artists that gallery represents, is participating in ANIMA MUNDI exhibition which is focused on relations among humans and nature.

Artists all around the world are increasingly orienting themselves towards the use of materials and techniques aimed at a more harmonious relationship with nature. Mainly they start with retracing and rethinking the role of humanity, transforming technologies and the use of decontextualized and ironic solutions. In any case, it includes creation of new belief and a new global consciousness, and sometimes replacing philosophy and spirituality, where these do not arrive in an immediate and universally widespread message. The exhibition – ANIMA MUNDI aims to represent new emerging aspects of human attitude toward nature and its inhabitants.

Nicola Samorì: Sfregi

First anthological exhibition in Italy by Nicola Samorì (Forlì, 1977). The exhibition project, designed by the artist exclusively for the halls of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Bologna, allows us to comprehensively and lenticularly read the path he has taken in the...

Negli Studi. Volti e luoghi dell’arte contemporanea in Trentino

From Monday 17 May to Friday 4 June the rooms on the noble floor of Palazzo Roccabruna will host the photographic exhibition “Negli studi. Volti e luoghi dell’arte contemporanea in Trentino". Through the shots of Giorgio Salomon, the exhibition - which originates from...

“Venus” by Marco Lodola

From May 22nd to August 29th the Museum Mart in Rovereto will host the exhibition "Botticelli il suo tempo. E il nostro tempo". Through the works from 1400 to today, the visitor will make a journey through time marked by two sections of the exhibition. The first,...

Los Angeles (State of Mind)

Art, in Los Angeles, describes a particular world, between experimentation and painting, extreme performance and contamination with alternative lowbrow cultures. It is a megalopolis in the desert, a universe in itself that speaks many languages and lives as many...

Marco Lodola – Dior

A hymn to joy and fun. Thus the Dior Pre-Fall collection, presented during Shanghai Fashion Week, lets itself be contaminated by the nonconformist and irreverent spirit of Pop art. A collection that reworks and reinterprets different themes, revisiting the Dior...

Umar Rashid: Made in L.A. 2020: a version

Umar Rashid (also known as Frohawk Two Feathers) is a natural storyteller. He employs writing, illustration, painting, and sculpture to construct fabulations or, put simply, alternative historical narratives that reference a panoply of cultures, collapsing geography...

Salon de Peinture, Almine Rech Gallery

Almine Rech’s own Salon de Peinture walks away from that mundane longing for spectacularity and revisits the idea of Salon. By narrowing down again the focus to painting, the gallery salon emulates the vitality of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century...

Willy Verginer

Il gioco infinito

On the occasion of Willy Verginer Rayuela’s solo show, Studio d’Arte Raffaelli and Cellar Contemporary present “The infinite game”, a double limited edition in ceramic inspired by the homonymous work by the artist from Val Gardena. The playful subject, presented by the artist himself as an original intuition inspired by the new series of works, meets a new material and comes to life in the artist’s hands.