Jackson Nkumanda, Solomostry

Allegoria della felicità pubblica

Galleria Civica Trento

March 28 - June 30, 2024

The exhibition addresses the theme of public happiness, understood as the individual’s urgency to transcend his or her private interest with the goal of the collective good.

Through an interpenetration of epochs, subjects, and cultural matrices, the exhibition fosters the coexistence of artistic researches that question happiness not only as a principle of self-determination of the individual but as a public interest. Amidst social rituals and cultural languages, curators and artists invite experimentation with new forms of sociality and the conception of public happiness as a condition of well-being attainable through everyday practices of resistance and active participation.

Artists in the exhibition include Jackson Nkumanda and Solomostry represented by Raffaelli Art Studio and Cellar Contemporary.

The exhibition is part of the program of Trento European Volunteer Capital 2024 and includes, in addition to the exhibition in the Civic Gallery spaces, a panel of projects on the territory (performances, public art interventions, workshops).


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