Umar Rashid

Almine Rech

Almine Rech

Umar Rashid (aka Frohawk Two Feathers) now represents Almine Rech who exhibited his works at Paris 2022 and Art Basel Miami 2022.

Umar Rashid was born in Chicago, lives and works in Los Angeles
and his works are focused on the reproduction of European imperialisms that talk about themes such as structural violence and social injustice from a post-colonial perspective.
The countless motifs and symbols that appear in his work transcend cultures, creating a playful reading that allows viewers to interpret different meanings.

He is inspired by everything that surrounds him, for example from ancient manuscripts, primitive art paintings and various objects, frescoes or antique drawings from different countries such as the black lines of Greek vases, Roman mosaics or Native Americans ledger drawings.

Many of his works speak about the dark side of history, but Rashid offers alternative narratives that play on power dynamics.
He is somewhere between humor and protest, his work awakens the conscience of the majority of people whose stories and lives have been erased from history.

РAlmine Rech, Umar Rashid,, data di consultazione 27 giugno 2024

– Almine Rech, Almine Rech now represents Umar Rashid, 23 settembre 2022,