Studio d'Arte Raffaelli

December 19th, 2023

For the first time at the Studio d’Arte Raffaelli in Trento arrives the multifaceted artist OZMO, born Gionata Gesi, with a personal exhibition inspired by the iconographic myths of the Renaissance, in dialogue with the frescoed vault of the Studio Raffaelli.

The exhibition “AMALGAMA. Un viaggio alchemico” opens with a monumental installation in the main room of the gallery, in which OZMO proposes a dreamlike vision of the mountain, which metaphorically represented the Athanor, the furnace at the heart of the transformation process. This key image is made accessible by the inclusion of ephemeral and contemporary elements and ambiguously alludes to the alpine environment of the city of Trento. The installation is surrounded by large-format artworks, which stage the icons of alchemical knowledge and recreate the atmosphere of the Wunderkammern. The visitor find himself immersed in the esoteric suggestions and wonders of the mineral, animal and plant world. A pair of large masks with a Arcimboldesque style echoes the grotesque decoration of the vault. At the same time, two canvas interpret caption letters taken from 16th century printed works, depicting the “O” and “Z”, initials of OZMO’s name, alluding to street art lettering and ironically creating a two-letter password, as was customary in ancient secret societies (such as the j-b of Masonic memory). The ambiguous symbols of alchemy crowd the walls, celebrating the prodigy of transmutation, which becomes a metaphor of the circular dimension of time, the victory of life over death and the conflicts between opposing principles.

“Amalgama” stages a multifaceted alchemical vision, which becomes a metaphor for the fluid dimension of contemporary society. The ambiguous and inaccessible character of the alchemic mystery, which governs material and spiritual transformation, is mixed in OZMO’s style with the immediacy of pop icos, which transport a series of images inspired by the Renaissance into the present time. The artist remixes the sacredness of mystery and the uncertain and disoriented nature of the present time, where thirst for spirituality and scientific progress chase each other in an ancestral path without end. In addition to the series of site-specific artworks, the exhibition is completed by a rich selection of recent artworks inspired by the theme of revisiting the past in a contemporary key, set up in the gallery spaces.

The opening will be held on Tuesday 19 December from 6 pm in the presence of the artist.
The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog with texts by Cristina Boschetti..