Studio d’arte Raffaelli is pleased to participate in the “ARTE FORTE – La babele dei linguaggi e di simboli legati ai conflitti” project. This event, edited by Mariella Rossi, will take place from 8th July to 28 August in a selection of 8 Austro-Hungarian forts, where 15 galleries display the artworks of 28 artists. This is possible thanks to the idea of Giordani Raffaelli and thanks to the participation of ANGAMC – National Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries and ASPART – Association of Trentino gallerists. The extended expositive path is part of the “Sentinelle di pietra. Di forte in forte sul Sentiero della Pace”, curated by the Trentino forts circuit – a network promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento-Department of Culture in collaboration with the Trentino Historical Museum Foundation, under the direction of Giuseppe Ferrandi, and with the Mart – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto under the direction of Gianfranco Maraniello.

The exhibition project of the Raffaelli art studio in Forte Belvedere includes strongly iconic suggestions faced with heterogeneous approaches by the two artists. David Aaron Angeli has created a new series of four wax sculptures, focusing on the egg archetype. From a symbol of birth and expectation of life, in this case the egg is black, acquiring the value of a container of vain hopes and suggesting a comparison with the fort, a place of defense and preservation of life during the war, but also theater of fatal events. Fulvio Di Piazza, on the other contrary, reasoned about the individual and the inner conflict, starting with a new monumental painting entitled “self-portrait”. Following the same suggestions revoked by the internal and external motions that are generated by this great figure, suspended between the human and the divine, in an otherworldly dimension, the artist has created a series of oil works populated by characters living in a war, “Soldati dell’anima” who move forward resigned to their destiny.