David Aaron Angeli

Anima Mundi

Museo Arte Contemporanea Cavalese

July 18 - September 19 2021

In favor of a new balance between man and nature
From 18th of July till 19th of September in the Contemporary Art Museum in Cavalese an art exhibition ANIMA MUNDI is taking place.
NIn the framework of this event, there is a chance to explore artworks by artists from different countries and continents. Studio d’Arte Raffaelli is honored that David Aaron Angeli, who is one of the artists that gallery represents, is participating in ANIMA MUNDI exhibition which is focused on relations among humans and nature.
Artists all around the world are increasingly orienting themselves towards the use of materials and techniques aimed at a more harmonious relationship with nature. Mainly they start with retracing and rethinking the role of humanity, transforming technologies and the use of decontextualized and ironic solutions. In any case, it includes creation of new belief and a new global consciousness, and sometimes replacing philosophy and spirituality, where these do not arrive in an immediate and universally widespread message. The exhibition – ANIMA MUNDI aims to represent new emerging aspects of human attitude toward nature and its inhabitants.

Installation View