David Aaron Angeli e Mitrikova & Demjanovic

Living Corriere

Report on Villa Brazzalora based on a project by Giacomo Totti

March 2020 release


In the march 2020 “Living corriere la copertina” issue, two sculptures of David Aaron Angeli have been published. This publication is dedicated to the project of Giacomo Totti, “nuovo astro della decorazione d’interni made in Italy”, who decided to display a selection of works by the artistic due Jarmila Mitrikova and David Demjanovic and some scultures of the Chilean artist David Aaron Angeli at Villa Brazzalora in Thiene (VI). The sculptures made of wax are entitled “Germinazione” and “Posa con grande maschera e serpente” and they were displayed in a table designed by the architect. The ceramic work of Mitrivoka & Demjanovic was placed on the snack top creating a dialogue with the marble in the kitchen.

The service, created in collaboration with Studio d’Arte Raffaelli and Cellar Contemporary, is by Mara Bottini (text) and Helenio Barbetta (photo).