David Aaron Angeli

The forms of matter

Galleria Cavour, Bologna

January 21 - February 8, 2020


The spaces of Galleria Cavour and of its botiques host the suggestive wax sculptures of the exhibition “Le forme della materia” of the artist David Aaron Angeli (curated by Simons Gavioli) in occasion of the Arte Fiera 2020 (vernissage on tuesday 21 january at 7 pm, until 8 february). All the materials used by David Aaron Angeli come from animal or vegetal’s world in order to stress the bond that the artist feels with nature, and are reshaped in form of idols and symbols belonging to a forgotten past, however still actual and present in an unconscious way inside us. The wax, the material that the artist prefers and most frequently uses for the realization of his sculptural works, links with his goldsmith’s studies, but is worked by him as a raw material and its intrinsic characteristics are exalted. The sculptural works of David become in this way a metaphor of many anthropological relationships, suggesting to the observer both his connection with a remote but present past and with the world of natural. The curator Simona Gavioli observes: “the exhibition project conceived for Galleria Cavour follows the artist’s poetics. The works do not just fit harmoniously into the spaces but also interact with them creating further suggestions and evoking nostalgic sensations and uncounsciously hidden emotion in those who observe them. The symbols realized by the artist and their colors dialogue with those exposed in the shops, creating a silent but internally sonorous conversation which demonstrates how even high fashion products are actually artistic creations that carry their own message which echoes, combined with the one of David, in the corridors and in the spaces of the gallery. Primitivism and luxury get married here, showing themselves as two sides of the same medal and suggesting through art, in an unconventional place, food for thought that otherwise would be unimaginable.
The exhibition will be opened to visitors from tuesday 21 january to saturday 8 february 2020.