Donald Baechler

Studio Visit

Continue our journey into the studios of American artists. We present Donald Baechler's study here!



Studio d’Arte Raffaelli enters in the studies of its artists making a raid between future projects and precious treats of the past. Hybrid places, rich in contaminations, of which the studies of the artists give back an overall portrait revealing also the hidden sides of the creative work. In view of the upcoming project for the stand ARTEFIERA, some weeks ago we went to visit the eccentric Donald Baechler in his office in the heart of Manhattan, for a recognition on new works and for a talk about the past. Donald Baechler is in fact one of the artist with whom the gallery has collaborated for the longest time, because he fully represents its soul with his mix of pop culture and cultured references. Did you know that the gallery logo has been designed by him? Among papers, cutouts, ready made canvases and work in progress, bronze sculptures, plaster models and masks, Baechler’s studio presents itself as a gigantic bazar in which the inspiration is not on sale: a glance is sufficient to capture a hint everywhere, or discover inesplorated worlds between a rose and an ice cream – which are among his most ironic subjects. In Bologna we have many novelties with us, selected in close contact with the artist, but also a series of 36 black and white works on paper coming from the exhibition “Gellert Suite”, held in 1991 at the Galleria Civica of Trento and the “Enemies of the Rose”, held in 2005 at the Kunst Merano Arte of Merano: historical works and inedited prices, to show a lasting collaboration in which the past, the present and the future are constantly in dialogue with each others.