Eccentrici, Apocalittici, Pop.

Inferno e delizia nell’arte contemporanea

Galleria Civica, Trento

19 June - 02 October 2022

The Civic Gallery’s survey on contemporary painting in Italy
continues. After “What I see”, the exhibition on figurative
painting, it is the turn of Pop Surrealism: a bottom up
phenomenon (which was born and emerges from below), in
antithesis to more institutional contemporary art, and is today
highly appreciated by the market and collectors.
On display is the work of painters and writers active on the
Italian scene who, since the new millennium, have collected and
interpreted the instances of what has become a global trend.

The sources of inspiration are from mass culture: cinema,
comics, literature, games, manga, illustration, web, as well as
TV series or from metropolitan urban geographies: street art,
graffiti art, murals.
Critics to the capitalist and consumersociety, dystopian
universes, destabilizing, disturbing or unreal scenarios aren’t
The exhibition unfolds among the works of: Nicola Caredda,
Luciano Civettini, Vanni Cuoghi, Ilaria Del Monte, Fulvio Di
Piazza, Zoe Lacchei, Marco Mazzoni, Fatima Messana,
Giovanni Motta, Laurina Paperina, Giuseppe Veneziano, Nicola
Verlato, Vesod. Completing the project are 4 interventions, by El
Gato Chimney, Massimo Giacon, Ozmo, Pao