Pietro Weber


Fondazione 107, Torino

May 5 - June 30, 2024

Echoes is a group exhibition that also includes works by Peter Weber; it is a project that revolves around the concept of echo, contamination, change, evolution and return to origins.

It is precisely in this multiethnic and multicultural atmosphere that various works of various kinds are dropped, including musical performances. It will, moreover, be possible to listen to the group M.E.T.E., in which the mingling of different genres (from jazz to prog, to funk, all imbued with Indian sounds and African rhythms), is the focus of an experimentation that leads to new and interesting outcomes.

Among the works under review are also those of Pietro Weber, which stand out in height within the exhibition space: they are, in fact, tall, colorful terracotta towers at the top of which soar faces, faces of peoples far and near, faces that tell a story and an ‘experience different from that of the artist. In fact, the idea is to transfigure buildings created for defense against the different into places from which it is possible to sight and understand other cultures.



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