Federico Lanaro


Batibōii Gallery, Cles (TN)

July 13th - August 27th 2023

If someone knows what love is, throw the first stone or throw the first ball!

Federico Lanaro, an artist who is always lively and a tightrope constantly in balance between the animal world and our inside and spiritual world, invites us to consider love as a tennis match.

A rhythmic love such as that bounced between artist and painting or sculpture material shaped by the artist. A repeated and constant falling in love, as Alberoni said “a renovated rebirth of double movement”, whose propulsive and extremely painful force makes it the human experience around which everything revolves, willingly or unwillingly.

And so here is the artist sculpting wood and in a playful newly blossomed love making his imagery blossom and make it three-dimensional or immersing himself in his personal fluorescent settings, in which the natural and animal realm becomes surreal and enigmatic and playful rebuses emerge from the bottom of the canvas as if from a magical backdrop.

Because if love is not playful, it is not love, it is then love, love, love: fall in love with the works on display, play with them, make fun of them, even fight with them, but then make peace with them and start looking at them again, loving them and loving yourself, again and again, until the game is over.