Federico Lanaro


Tubla 'Da Nives - Selva di Val Gardena

19 December 2019 - 12 January 2020


Federico Lanaro’s work is made both of many memeories and many chocies. The artist does not only compare his themes, his techniques, but he also moves in a wide search direction, leaving his linguistic nomadism intact. In the exhibition “SET”, conceived for the Tublà Da Nives, Federico Lanaro presents a complete recognition of his recent work, among painting, sculpture and installation. The works in the exhibition, in the intention, represent some reflections about the game in its less playful form, in the action pratically explosive of the intuition aimed at contentment, intellectual well-being and emotional dislocation; in this way the audience is invited to an active and winking fruition, that translates itself into an invitation to the overturning of the conventional vision of the reality. The exhibition will be opened to visitors from thursday 19 december 2019 to sunday 12 january 2020.