Federico Lanaro

Studio Visit



“Negli Studi” is the result of a long way, started more than two years ago, which has been edited by Mauro Cappelletti, and supported by Giorgio Salomon with his photojournalistic view, that enables us to explore each studio through an original point of view. The aim of this project is not only to visit the studios of those artists who contributed in the history of Trentino art, but also to discuss actively with them, in order to immerse ourselves in their own world; citing Fiorenzo Degasperi “the studio is a dress that the artist cuts to his own size”. All this is made possible thanks to the fact that, in recent years, the studio, intended as a physical place, lost his romantic conception of hidden and unreachable place, assuming a new one of “space for a greater encounter with the public”. The publication offers a kind of journey, rich in pathos, through these places of mediation between the private and the public sphere.

Among these artists, we are proud to find our Federico Lanaro, born in 1979 in Rovereto (TN). His art, which is characterized by cross-cutting themes, ranges from painting and sculpture to installations. In his works we can find hybrid creatures, half human and half animal, but what can never miss is the attention to the “green universe”.