Federico Lanaro


Federico Lanaro
Was born in 1979 in Rovereto

Federico Lanaro was born in Rovereto (TN) in 1979. He graduated in 2004 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Reflecting his personal experience of the world, his artistic works are characterized by transversal narratives and linguistic nomadism, which is reflected in the multiplicity of techniques he employs – spanning from painting to sculpture and installation. A core feature of Lanaro’s artistic production is the use of fluorescent colors and neat signs. The combination of these techniques to represent natural elements is an open invitation to observe the world from an unorthodox perspective. Lanaro’s simple and direct representations draw inspiration both from classical culture and contemporary graphics. The combination of different registers enables the observer to infer different interpretations of Lanaro’s art, depending on their personal sensitivities. The artist’s work comprehends many nuances, among them the sustainable art, the responsiveness to green universe, the hybridization between the animal and the human, between individual and the mass, the link with his territory and the interpretation of human behaviors.

Federico Lanaro
Cavallo Rosso, 2020
Acrylic on canvas
100 x 80 cm

Federico Lanaro
Paesaggi, 2019
Acrylic on canvas
83 x 63,5 cm

Federico Lanaro
Luoghi Comuni , 2019
Mixed media on paper
42 x 34 cm

Federico Lanaro

Sciamani. Techné, Spirito, Idea.

Palazzo delle Albere, Trento | Museo Etnografico trentino of San Michele all’Adige

December 17th 2023 – June 30th 2024

Federico Lanaro


Batibōii Gallery, Cles

July 13th – August 27th 2023

Federico Lanaro e Pietro Weber


Ala Città di Velluto, Palazzo Taddei

July 7th – July 8th 2023

Federico Lanaro


Palazzo Geremia, tre

November 26th – December 9th 2022

Federico Lanaro


Senso, Alfio Ghezzi Mart, Rovereto

July 15th – January 15th 2022

Federico Lanaro

Negli studi. Volti e luoghi dell’arte contemporanea in Trentino

Palazzo Roccabruna, Trento

May 17th – June 4th 2021

Federico Lanaro


Tublà di Nives – Selva di Val Gardena

December 19th 2019 – January 12th 2020

Federico Lanaro

Studio Visit

Federico Lanaro

Contemporaneamente a Castel Belasi

Castel Belasi, Campodenno

August 10th – October 27th 2019

Federico Lanaro

RMX, 2013

Studio d’Arte Raffaelli