Extended Congress of the European Greens

Centre of Congress, Lyon (France)

February 2 - February 4, 2024

From February 2 to 4, 2024, in the city of Lyon (FR), more than a thousand delegates, leaders and Green activists from all over Europe gathered at the Centre de Congrès, representing a crucial moment in the preparations for the 2024 European Parliament elections.

In this initiative for a more sustainable EU, artist Ozmo was also involved, with the realization of a live painting curated by Cristina Boschetti.
The title of the artwork is “Green Manifesto”,  a participatory live painting event where Ozmo repurposes an old European Green Party banner into an artist’s canvas.
In this dynamic performance, Ozmo uses the rainbow spectrum to create one of his distinctive compositions made up of numerous symbols.
A plethora of images gradually fill the canvas, culminating in a poster that embodies the ethos of the European Green Party.
Congress participants are invited to collaborate with Ozmo in an artistic brainstorming session, selecting images that encapsulate the core tenets of the European Green Party’s ideology.

This creative process results in a collective artwork that symbolizes the power of discussion and engagement in democratic societies.

“Green Manifesto” dismantles traditional barriers between contemporary art and the public, inviting people to take an active role in the creative process and thereby making art democratic.

The event emphasizes the importance of personal engagement in promoting an equitable society where everyone has the right to access the beauty and intellectual and emotional enrichment offered by art.