Pietro Weber

Guardare oltre

Alfio Ghezzi's restaurant Senso - MART

June 12 - December 12, 2024

The exhibition ‘Guardare Oltre’ by Trentino artist Pietro Weber opens from 12 June to 12 December 2024 at Alfio Ghezzi’s SENSO restaurant at the Mart in Rovereto.
The artist and the starred chef meet between art and haute cuisine, in perfect harmony.

Both tend to create novelty from what already exists: it is, in fact, to the celebration of perceptive sensations that chef Ghezzi has dedicated his restaurant, also through the display of works of art.
This is the case with Pietro Weber’s ‘Guardare Oltre’, a title that already suggests to guests the intent of the exhibition.
Central among the works on display are Masks (Maschere), ritual objects that become contemporary through the artist’s work. The mask is in the common representation a person able to look beyond, appearing as the intermediary between man and the divine and thus becoming the personification of all human fears, prejudices and errors.

In addition to the Masks, the exhibition is completed by the Four Elements (Quattro Elementi), a tribute to the philosophy of nature, which bring us back to the essential, reminding us of the certainties from which we can always start again, with a reference, moreover, to the concept of waiting that creates an atmosphere in which the present must be savoured, without fearing what may ‘be beyond’.


– Comunicato Stampa, Studio d’Arte Raffaelli, maggio 2024.
– Photo credits: Caterina Fabbrici