David Aaron Angeli / Pietro Weber

Homo Signorum | L'uomo dei segni

Studio d'Arte Raffaelli

29 September 2022

Trentino artists David Aaron Angeli and Pietro Weber are the protagonists of the exhibition at Studio d’Arte Raffaelli “Homo Signorum”, dedicated to the fascinating iconographic subject representing the “man of signs”. The sculptors were inspired by the strong alchemical power of this symbology, which has been frequented since ancient times in the medical field of different cultures, especially in the medieval times, to create a series of works dedicated to the theme of the Zodiac. The result of the two artists’ research, inspired by the vision of the sheet of the rare almanac belt Vetr.1a47 – preserved at the Library of Rovereto – becomes an opportunity for an unprecedented encounter between contemporary art and medieval iconography.     12 signs for 24 sculptures, respectively 12 for each artist, a corpus of wall works – mostly graphics – and the reproduction of the manuscript form the core of an unprecedented and curious exhibition, which questions the relationship between man and astrology from representations of the Horoscope that are themselves rich in new intersections.    Wax, gold and organic inserts are the materials chosen by David Aaron Angeli, who, following his goldsmith education, works on the small – medium format giving life to chiseled forms with timeless aesthetics; terracotta worked with pigments, horns and other objects are the raw material of Pietro Weber’s work, who focused on the human head adorning it with ancient mythologies. Present in the works of both artists is a totemic and mystical aura, very rare in the contemporary art scene, which is enhanced by the theme of the exhibition and sublimated by the site-specific interventions in the gallery.    Thanks to the successful collaboration between the Studio d’Arte Raffaelli and the Biblioteca Civica G. Tartarotti of Rovereto, it will also be possible to virtually browse through the manuscript that inspired the exhibition.    “Homo Signorum – The Man of Signs” will open on Thursday, September 29 at 18:00 in the presence of the artists.  The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog.