Ieri, Oggi, Domani

Quintino Sella- La Spezia

From April 25, 2024

Ozmo’s site-specific work “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow,” created at the entrance of the former Quintino Sella Anti-Aircraft Shelter, was inaugurated on April 25 at the invitation of the City of La Spezia.
The shelter was built during World War II when La Spezia was one of the targets of the Allied offensive, aimed at protecting the civilian population during the bombing raids: a space that has become a historical symbol of the city and was recently transformed into an art gallery, thanks to the “La Spezia Forte” project.
Making the work for the artist was an intense two-week project.
It starts from the idea of wanting to simulate the emotions felt in 1943 during the bombing, to be able to experience on our skin sensations charged with human tragedy, in order to subsequently turn our gaze with more awareness toward our actions and toward the future. The artist’s intent is therefore to give hope: the child’s eyes question us, scrutinize us deeply and finally refer us to a future of light and peace, which will come only with our commitment. The memory of war and human tragedies, relevant today more than ever, becomes with Ozmo a universal warning and message of regeneration. As Ozmo himself explains, “its topicality becomes an integral part of the work, emphasizing the importance of building a future in which security and peace are shared and universally accessible values.”
It expresses a feeling of love for life reflected in the same technique that creates the illusion of a child’s gaze following us and transforms the adjacent walls into a space of light.


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