Karlien De Villiers

Floating Solo

Cellar Contemporary, Trento

23 March - 2 July 2021

Cellar Contemporary presents “Floating Solo”, the first solo exhibition in Italy by the South African artist Karlien De Villiers.
The works in the exhibition explore the world view of the South African artist who, with irony and a style that takes its cue from the world of graphic novels and cartoons, urges us to reflect on important issues for our society and our way of living within it.
Women and men, domestic and wild animals, objects and shapes are used as pieces of a visual puzzle that composes a global and coherent narrative; each work focuses attention on a theme or aspect in which everyone – who more, who less – may be able to recognize themselves, but to which surely he had never given time to think.

“The exhibition “Floating Solo” can be visited by appointment until July 2, 2021.