Katarina Janeckova

How to Make a Bear Fall in Love

08 June - 30 September, 2016

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Katarina Janeckova
How to Make a Bear Fall in Love
08 June - 30 September, 2016


Wednesday 08 June 6.30 pm



+39 0461 982595

Palazzo Wolkenstein
Via Marchetti, 17 Trento TN
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In addition to the constant proposal of established artists, Studio d’Arte Raffaelli continues the research on young talent at the same time, hosting on this occasion the first personal exhibitio in Italy of Katarina Janeckova, a Slovakian naturalized American artist born in 1988.

The woman, mostly stylized in the artist’s self-portraits, and the bear, an animal symbol of masculinity in all its aspects, are the recurring iconographic elements of a figurative analysis that investigates some hidden aspects of human psychology in a playful way.
In this recreational yeurism lies the novelty of Janeckova, proficient in capturing gestural expressions that animate the scenes represented, evoking suspended atmospheres in “other” places, which in some way appeal to everyday life.
In the successful overlap on of real and sur-real plane, the artist establishes a pact of “suspension of disbelief” with those who observe his works, transmitting energy and arousing irresistible curiosity.

The exhibition opens at Studio d’Arte Raffaelli in Trento on Wednesday 8 June 2016 at 6.30 pm in the presence of the artist. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog with text by Luca Beatrice.

Katarina Janeckova was born in Bratislava in 1988. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, she moved to the United States where, at a very young age, she began her exhibition activity in contemporary art spaces and galleries in New York. Her works have been exhibited in some important northern European and Slovak galleries. The one at the Raffaelli Art Studio is his first personal exhibition in Italy. The artist currently lives and works in Texas.

Katarina Janeckova

How to Make a Bear Fall in Love, 2016