Laurina Paperina, Federico Lanaro, Stefano Cagol

To live on air

Available from August 21st until the end of the season


During this pandemic the mountain has become what its has long been for the people from the city: a place of retreat, a place to enjoy some fresh air during summertime, where to relax and think and where to breathe freely. There is nothing to be surprised about it becoming the chosen location for 8 South Tyrolean and Trentino contemporary artists to place their artwork. The Studio d’Arte Raffaelli is honored that among these artists there are Laurina Paperina, Federico Lanaro and Stefano Cagol.

The artwork installation includes 8 flags placed in 8 different mountain cabins and refuges all perched on the side of Mount Roen and into the Maddalena Group. The project, curated by Gabriele Lorenzoni, serves not only as an indicator of each one of the exhibitions but also as a collaboration of two representative cultures along the borderline between the two neighbor regions.

Mountain cabins and refuges where the flags are located: Rifugio Oltradige, Rifugio Mezzavia, Malga di Romeno, Malga del Lucco, Malga Castrin, Malga di Cloz, Rifugio Maddalene, Malga Bordolona.