Laurina Paperina

I gatti lo sanno

Museo di scienze e archeologia, Rovereto

5 May - 30 July 2023

At Museo di Scienze e Archeologia from May 5th there will open the temporary exhibition “I gatti lo sanno. Comportamenti incredibili del mondo animale” which wants to celebrate the union/association between Art and Science, thanks to the art works of Laura Paperina. A path of dissemination and imagination to discover the unexpected and incredible behaviors of cuttlefish, horses, mantises, cats, octopuses, jays, dogs, fleas, goats, snails, dolphins and many other animals. Took from an idea of Giulia Bignami, Elisa Frasnelli e Gionata Stancher and organized by Fondation Civic Museum of Rovereto, this exhibition is sponsored by Comune di Rovereto, dalla Provincia autonoma di Trento e dalla Comunità della Vallagarina, with the supports of Cassa Rurale Alto Garda Rovereto. The exhibition is inspired by the recently published and homonymous book written by Giulia Bignami and it will lead the public to a funny journey towards the discovery of extraordinary world of animal behaviors, illustrated/presented with the typical irony of Laurina Paperina. The exhibition is divided in many section “In fondo al mar”, “Tutti giù (e su) per terra” and “Il bello, il brutto e il mago”, and wants to describe with a simple, funny and hilarious, but also thorough language the important science result, among which the animal cognition researches of CIMeC, Centro Interdipartimentale Mente/Cervello of Trento’s University, wich is collaborating with Zoology section of the Museo for a long time.