Laurina Paperina

Ledro Land Art

Ledro Land Art

June 2023

Ledro Land Art, one of the seven art parks in Trentino-South Tyrol, this year held a new competition to install new artworks in its already rich open-air exhibition.

From all the entries, about twice as many as in the previous competition, the committee selected works by four major artists: “Invision” by Laurina Paperina, “Double Reverence” by French artist Marc Walter, “Wood Spirit” by Molby (born Francesco Lucatelli) and “Habitat” by Bruno Cerasi.

These are artistic productions that place themselves in dialogue with the nature that welcomes them, with the pine forest that will guard them, but at the same time leads them to a progressive and slow dissolution. In their compositional diversity, all four works aim to prompt reflection on the relationship between man and nature, how it has changed, and with our own spirituality.

From the work of Paperina, who, remaining consistent with her own style, prefers a pictorial/illustrative production whose subjects are the various animals that populate those woods, drawn on stones or on logs and translated into the typical coloristic and ironic language of the Rovereto artist, to the work of Bruno Cerasi, from which transpires a perhaps more mournful and demeaning feeling, in which the cage, made from the branches taken nearby, is no longer the one that in the collective imagination is attributed to animals, but reproduces the likeness of any bedroom, the space in which men to this day spend part of their daily life, all these works, aim at an awareness on the part of the viewer and to induce him to regain a connection with nature.