James Brown, Umar Rashid

Los Angeles (State of Mind)

Gallerie d’Italia – Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano, Napoli

May 28th - September 26th, 2021

Art, in Los Angeles, describes a particular world, between experimentation and painting, extreme performance and contamination with alternative lowbrow cultures. It is a megalopolis in the desert, a universe in itself that speaks many languages and lives as many contradictions: a fertile set of languages and peoples. Los Angeles (State of Mind) is the story of a city through several generations of artists who have imposed themselves from the seventies to the present day; an exhibition that highlights, once again, how close is Naples’ relationship with international art. Neapolitan galleries and collectors did not miss the appointment with the most complex area of America, finding cultural similarities and assonances there. For some years now, the Gallerie d’Italia in Naples has hosted a series of exhibitions dedicated to the world capitals of contemporary art. Los Angeles (state of mind), is the fourth exhibition of the cycle, which follows New York (in 2017), London (in 2018) and Berlin (in 2019), presented at the Gallerie d’Italia – Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano, museum of Intesa Sanpaolo in Naples. On display will be works by Umar Rashid and a work by James Brown. The selected work of this particular artist includes a group of 77 drawings inspired by the book “Sacred Guide of the City of Naples”, which Brown gave to his gallery owner Lucio Amelio in the 1980s.

Installation View