Matt Phillips

The invisible line

Conti Martini Palace, Mezzocorona

On the occasion of the twenty-ninth edition of the “Settembre Rotaliano” event in Mezzocorona, for the third consecutive year Cellar Contemporary presents the exhibition “Terra” in the prestigious setting of Palazzo Conti Martini. The works on canvas and drawings on paper by the American artist Matt Phillips, whose research focuses on abstraction through color. , will dialogue with the antique furnishings and frescoes that adorn the building. The formal characteristic of his work is the lack of contour lines, both inside the works and on the edge, delimited by the appearance of the white background. In this absence of limits, the gaze is lost in the infinite chromatic variations, which give life to oneiric visual experiences. Once again harmony is the key concept with which the exhibition fits into the context of the “Prince of Wines” festival, playing on abstraction and narrative evoked by the titles of the works.