Mauro Cappelletti

Segno Con-fine

Senso Alfio Ghezzi Mart


Since the encounter between the culinary excellence of Alfio Ghezzi and the artistic proposal of the Studio d’Arte Raffaelli and Cellar Contemporary galleries, was born a collaboration that combines the relationship between food and contemporary art in a new way. The one who redisigned the spaces of the SENSO Alfio Ghezzi Mart Restaurant through recent works – in some cases unpublished – is the Trentino artist Mauro Cappelletti, master of abstract painting declined through the elements of color and sign. “Segno con-fine” is a diachronic path that rappresents a synthesis of Cappelletti’s work over the last ten years, starting from the intuition of the “Monochromopluritone”. While in this works the artist’s investigation focuses on the infinite number of tonal facets that a single color has the ability to accomodate, the most recent achievements of his research create a renewed space between the colours, freeing a pictorial “breath” that it seems to subvert the rules of pure abstraction to evoke a narrative.The experience of vision, explicitly suggested by the scanning of the exhibited works, is combined with a wider range of sensations, in harmony with the enviroment that hosts them. Wrapped in colour, the impression is that of being a new space, of losing its bouderies.