Minjung Kim

Red Montain

11 December 2014 - 15 May 2015

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Minjung Kim
Red Montain
11 December 2014 - 15 May 2015


Thursday 11 December at 6.30 pm



+39 0461 982595

Palazzo Wolkenstein
Via Marchetti, 17 Trento TN
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It was 1997 when Minjung Kim, a Korean artist trained between Seoul and Milan, created the first cycle of Mountains. The symbolic subject of the mountain, strongly perceived as a place of spiritual elevation in Eastern and Western culture, is the leitmotif of the artist’s staff at the Studio d’Arte Raffaelli in Trento, where two unpublished Mountains will be in exhibition, two recent works from the Red Mountains series and three panels from the Mountain installation exhibited in 2012 at the MACRO in Rome.

The contamination of elements from the East and the West also characterizes the other works on display: in the series Vuoto nel pieno he artist submits the work to complex combustion and stratification processes in which the color, the protagonist, reveals through the paper a sense of three-dimensionality the passage of time is also perceived in the works Predestination, Story, Mutation; in the works The Street and Interchange a harmonious interpenetration between space and time is realized.
Red Mountain will open on Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 18.30, and will be open until May 15, 2015. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with a text by Gerardo Mosquera.