Born in 1975 in Pontedera (Italy).

Ozmo (Gionata Gesi) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. In the early 1990s, after initially starting out in the world of comics, he focused on painting and writing.

In 2001, the artist moved to Milan, where, in addition to his work in galleries, he worked in public spaces as Ozmo. Alongside a small group of friends, he laid the foundations for what would become Italian Street Art, and he is considered one of its undisputed pioneers.

For approximately a decade, Ozmo dedicated himself to the practice of writing before embarking on a journey that encompassed street art, contemporary art, and public art. Ozmo’s work draws inspiration from countless iconographic influences, bridging the gap between the ancient and the contemporary, through a continuous process of appropriation, reinterpretation, and graphic stylization.

Ozmo has created monumental public art interventions in major contemporary and urban art capitals around the world, including San Francisco, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, London, Berlin, Paris, Shanghai, Chengdu, Moscow, Saõ Paulo, Fortaleza, Havana, Cape Verde, Lugano, Beirut, Gdansk, Tunis, Milan, Rome, Ancona, Palermo, Bari, among others.



Anamorfosi: l’opera pittorica di OZMO

In Castellina Marittima, Tuscany

August 28th, 2023


Eccentrici, Apocalittici, Pop. Inferno e delizia dell’arte contemporanea

Galleria Civica, Trento

19 giugno – 16 ottobre 2022


Un’opera di street art per il ritorno a scuola

Albisola Superiore, Liguria

Giugno 2021


Un murale, una cover e un numero per Willy Monteiro Duarte

Largo Aldo Moro, Paliano

15 settembre 2020


A Rieti il primo murale su un tribunale italiano

Piazza Vittorio Bachelet, Rieti

25 maggio 2019


Ozmo al Museo del 900

Museo del 900, Milano

2 febbraio 2012