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Keep Calm | Be Proud

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Conceived exclusively for the Studio d’Arte Raffaelli, Laurina Paperina presents the Papedanaio, an eccentric and irreverent piggy bank that will guard your savings, reserving an ironic comment (Keep Calm, Tanto Sei Povero| Be Proud of your Braccine Corte).
Exclusively presented during the contemporary art fair ArtVerona 2023, the Papedanai are collectors’ pieces linked to the creative horizon of the artist who never fails to amaze and amuse his audience.
Each piece is numbered and signed by the artist.

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Sarcasm and humour, elements that are typical of Laurina Paperina’s artistic language, are not limited to painting: the Rovereto artist’s universe encompasses various techniques, which allow her to bring to fruition numerous projects, each different from the other, that stand out for their versatility.

The Papedanai are, in fact, sculptures made of ceramics, bearing witness to the marriage of artistic intelligence and craftsmanship in a workshop in Nove, one of Italy’s leading ceramics districts.
Each piece is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity numbered and signed by the artist.

The Sleep of Reason Generates Monsters

On the occasion of the exhibition ‘The Sleep of Reason Generates Monsters’, Laurina Paperina has flanked her paintings and sculptures with a series of special limited editions, designed exclusively for Studio d’Arte Raffaelli and produced in collaboration with the Trentino silkscreen printing studio Frammenti.
In particular, the “Pape Box” opens up a small world made to be used every day, where the protagonist is the artist’s alter-ego character, from whose mind the famous “monsters” linked to his creative horizon are released.
The “Pape Boxes” are a limited edition of 100, numbered and signed by Laurina Paperina.
Inside each “Pape Box” you will find a T-Shirt, a shopper, a diary and a pair of stickers – all rigorously designed to work with augmented reality technology via the ARIA application – The AR Platform. In addition, each “Pape Box” contains a catalogue (numbered with the same print run as the Box) of the exhibition “The Sleep of Reason Generates Monsters”, where each image comes to life through animations created by the artist in collaboration with the animation studio Alkanoids.
Each Pape Box represents a surprise that continues on your smartphone or mobile device via the ARIA App, as well as being a valuable gift idea!

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“The Sleep of Reason Generates Monsters” is Laurina Paperina’s third solo exhibition at the Studio d’Arte Raffaelli in Trento: Laurina Paperina is ready to confront herself with a new dimension, which marks an important evolution in her artistic career.
The thematic core of the exhibition revolves around Goya’s masterpiece of the same name and the re-elaboration of a stormy sturm-und-drang set in the contemporary world – artistic and otherwise – in which Laurina Paperina’s inspirations move like autonomous characters. But the disruptive novelty of the artist’s new works, with the technological aid of the ARIA App, is augmented reality (AR), which allows the paintings to take on a life of their own, and move in the ether, detaching themselves from the confines of the work. Painting, drawing and animation, Laurina Paperina’s favourite mediums, merge and mingle in these unique and surprising works, where discoveries and narrative possibilities potentially multiply infinitely, giving rise to a virtual visual world that complements physical reality by moving in parallel with it.

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