Laurina Paperina

PapeBox | Limited edition

The daily world of Laurina Paperina inside a box

In the framework of the exhibition “The sleep of reason produces monsters”, in between the artworks and sculptures the artist Laurina Paperina has included a series of limited edition items, in exclusive for the Studio d’ Arte Raffaelli and produced in collaboration with Frammenti, a serigraph studio from Trento.

Particularly the “Pape Box” offers a world of ready-to-wear items for everyday use, with the artist’s alter-ego character as the protagonist, from who’s mind the famous “monsters” related to her creative art world are unleashed.
The “Pape Box” are a limited edition of 100 boxes, all numbered and signed by Laurina Paperina.
Inside of each “Pape Box” there is a T-Shirt, a tote bag, a notebook and a pair of stickers -all items carefully designed to work with Augmented Reality technology thanks to the ARIA – The AR Platform App. In addition, each “Pape Box” includes a catalogue (numbered with the same edition number of the Box) of the exhibition “The sleep of reason produces monsters”, inside of which every single image comes to live with the animations created by the artist herself in collaboration with the animation studio Alkanoids.

Each Pape Box is a world of surprises waiting to come to life with your smartphone o mobile device thanks to the ARIA App, besides being an terrific gift idea!

Discover the PapeBox

Laurina Paperina

PapeBox, 2021

Limited Edition | 1/100