Pierluigi Pusole


Studio d’Arte Raffaelli – via Marchetti 17 - TRENTO

13/05/2010 – 30/09/2010

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Pierluigi Pusole
13/05/2010 – 30/09/2010




+39 0461 982595

Palazzo Wolkenstein
Via Marchetti, 17 Trento TN
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Studio d’Arte Raffaelli is pleased to announce the exhibition of Pierluigi Pusole significantly entitled “Experiments”.
Established artist – he started exhibiting in 1986 and since then has participated in important collective exhibitions imposing himself as one of the most original and mature voices of the new Italian painting – Luigi Pusole will present fifteen works, consisting of modules of two canvases (cm 100 x 70).
His long pictorial research, constantly engaged in dialectical confrontation with the new means of production of images, arrives with this last pictorial cycle to the “diptych” providing the viewer with a dual vision: on the one hand the figurative representation of the real, on the other the mysterious as abstract cellular dimension of the bios.
Conceptually, the solution of the double stylistic register, offers the artist the possibility of building a language that proceeds by antithesis and therefore according to a strictly dialectical process, as if to imply the existence of a plane of the real “other”.

As Alberto Fiz wrote acutely: “The challenge of Pusole began in the mid-eighties when his painting was linked to the sphere of content and expressed the desire to grasp the ferments of the reality of youth. At that time, Pusole, together with Bruno Zanichelli, represented the most advanced point of the Turin art scene and, not surprisingly, they were the leaders of a new language that distanced itself from both conceptual research, both from the Transavanguardia (…) Pusole works on the metropolitan landscape and on televisions intended as expanding magmatic bodies that progressively occupy all the space: the advent of media civilization is still perceived as a matter of ideological character and, not by chance, at the Venice Biennale, as part of Aperto 90, Pusole presents a series of works belonging to the series of Televisions”.