Pietro Weber

Ex Post₂

Galleria Civica, Trento

October 2 - November 7

Three years after its first edition, “Ex Post” is back. An exhibition of the works by Trentino artists featured in the ADAC (The Archive of Trentino Contemporary Artists) Quaderni. This edition’s main characters are Michele Parisi (1983), Mali Weil (a collective founded in 2008), Veronica de Giovanelli (1989) and Pietro Weber (1959).
The exhibition follows the publication of the monographs and introduces the latest artwork from the featured artists, following each one’s diverse line of research. Painting, sculpture, photography and video are the languages that inhabit the rooms of the gallery, which is divided into four sections: one for every featured artist. Among these artists Pietro Weber, with texts by Jessica Bianchera, experiments with formal and chromatic elements in ceramics.

Installation View