Pietro Weber


October 22th - October 12th 2022

From the 22nd of October to the 15th of January 2022
Thanks to the fortunate collaboration with Mind Order, a studio of psychoteraphy and psycology of Milan, Studio d’arte Raffaelli was able to organize a personal exhibition of Pietro Weber “Teste” in
Milan, at the studio in Via Antonio Cecchi 9/3, from the 22th of October 2022 to the 22th of January 2023. Pietro Weber, who is specialized in terracotta sculpture, is occupied from a long time in the modelling of antrophomorphic heads. The head, the physical place of the “psyche”, rappresents the central theme of the exhibition. The opening evening, of the 22nd of October, foresees a toast offered by the Cantina LeVide, Trento Doc. The exhibition will continue by booking the visit through the Studio d’Arte Raffaelli until January 2023.