Aldo Schmid

Arancio n.1

Aldo Schmid’s artistic research revolves around the study of color, flowing into the movement named Objective Abstraction, theorized and practiced together with other artists, including Luigi Senesi. The artist elaborates his research on color and vision in an analytical way. In the course of his studies he attended artist Kokoschka’s courses in Salzburg, opening his aesthetic conception to international comparisons. Together with the Japanese artist Nobuya Abe
he founded the “Illumination” movement, which brought together artists from different countries in an experience of new abstraction. Author Ernesto L. Francalanci calls Schmid’s contribution to the art world “logical-artistic,” in that it is situated on a double plane of value: “a highly refined artistic production and an extraordinary theorizing ability.” Together with Senesi, Schmid is one of the major protagonists of Italian art in this historical period.


Acrylic on canvas
80 x 50 cm

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