Carlo Andreani

Untitled, 1968

The work is published in the section “Lo Spazio del Segno” in the catalog “Carlo Andreani,” produced by Studio d’Arte Raffaelli in collaboration with Il Castello Art Gallery in 1992.
Andreani began his profession as a restorer, an activity that fascinated him as much as art, giving him important stimuli that would later be poured onto the canvas through the citation of what were the free sketches traced by fresco painters on the arriccio (on the fresco support). Moreover, the very material of the ancient wall and the indefinite color of the mortars evoke the fascination of the passage of time, captivating the artist. As Christine Mathà, a student of Andreani’s, confirms, the profession of restorer was the “bread” for the artist, but his dream is fulfilled through painting practice.

Carlo Andreani, AA. VV. (Trento, Studio d’arte Raffaelli e and Galleria Il Castello, December 1992), Studio d’arte Raffaelli, Trento, 1992.


Mixed media on paper
40 x 25 cm

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