Guido Polo

Natura morta, 1943

This small canvas is made with the immediacy that, at this chronological height, characterizes Guido Polo’s works, approaching future artistic experiences determined by chromatic tones that gradually abandon naturalism. The rough outlines confirm the speed of execution and, as Luigi Serravalli wrote in the artist’s eponymous catalog, “his particular musical manner of absorbing light and reporting it on the canvas” always remains in the foreground. Originally from Borgo Valsugana, Guido Polo studied in Trento, Munich and Vienna. Also famous for his etchings, he was also the author of numerous watercolors of critical fortune. The work is published on page 53 of the catalog “Guido Polo,” edited by Danilo Eccher.

Guido Polo, curated by Danilo Eccher (Trento, Galleria Civica di Arte contemporanea, 31 March-20 May 1990), Mondadori Arte, Milano, 1990.

Exhibition at Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea, 31 March-20 May 1990, Trento.




Oil on canvas
8 x 13 cm

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