Guido Polo

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Guido Polo studied in Trento where he had Ratini, Rasmo and Bonazza as teachers who found in him good qualities and predisposition for drawing. The young man from Trento was already experimenting on decorative graphic models in the taste of Klimt, which, however, over the years he would go on to abandon, preferring the more pained sign of Egon Schiele, more congenial to expressing human uncertainties now no longer just individual. When he arrives in Vienna for wartime reasons he is 17 years old and is placed in a boarding school for refugees. Classes are conducted in Italian, for drawing there is taught by Luigi Comel of Rovereto, the same one who had brought forth at the Imperial Regia Scuola Elisabettina in Rovereto (a high school with applied arts address juxtaposed with the Ginnasio founded in the second half of the 19th century in Rovereto, during the Habsburg period) artists such as Melotti, Depero, Garbari and many others.


Mixed media on paper
13 x 16 cm

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