Luigi Senesi

Trasparenza oggettiva, 1976

A native of Pergine, Luigi Senesi attended the Art Institute of Florence, specializing in mural painting and fresco thanks to the teachings of Renzo Grazzini. Beginning in the 1970s, the road opened for Senesi toward investigations into perception and research into “pure painting” that would lead to a setting aside of figuration in favor of synthesis and abstraction. The artist from Trentino began to take an interest in questions concerning color theory (on the physical-chemical factors of colors) until he came to studies concerning the visual apparatus, perceptions and color balance. In particular, Senesi became fascinated by transparencies and went to London to study Turner’s famous watercolors precisely in relation to veiling and transparencies. The move toward truly abstract art is also possible because of the infinite range of colors that are beginning to be made available by the chemical and electronic industries. Together with Schmid, Senesi is one of the major protagonists of the Italian scene in this historical period.


Water paint
50 x 80cm

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