Laurina Paperina


SuppergiĆ¹ Magazine

November 1st, 2023

For dreamers and followers of the bizarre, the long-awaited moment has arrived: the pages of SIEROPOSITIVO 4 ‘BLACK HUMOR’ are a fusion of pure eccentricity shaped by four distinct printing techniques, like a symphony of inks dancing in the dark, but without black! This omission of the usual serves as a score for the unexpected, creating a space where the normal and the unusual merge into an exhilarating embrace. It is time to dive into this ghost, where absurdities come to life, and absurdity reigns supreme. Welcome to SIEROPOSITIVO 4 ‘BLACK HUMOR,’ where the boundaries between real and unreal flow into a tribute to the strange and creative. This is not merely a visual work of art – it includes illustrations, comics, and photographs – but also a world of text: stories, reflections, and absurdities written in experimental.

Generated by heterogeneous contributions of various artists, Laurina Paperina collaborates with her “disegnetti storti” on the project, curated by SuppergiĆ¹ Magazine, and where the meaning is hidden in the folds of non-sense.

You can find “Sieropositivo vol04” on the @suppergiu_magazine shop!