Simone Tribuiani


Simone Tribuiani
Born in 1975 in Cesenatico, Italy.

Simone Tribuiani is an artist from Cesenatico.
He grew up by the sea, always in contact with nature and with a taste for what he himself defines as ‘an unexpected adventure’.
Tribuiani, in art Tribu, chooses to give shape to the great sporting feats, of yesterday and today, through art: from basketball, to football, to surfing, which has accompanied him since he was young, to tennis, the artist immortalises moments that have made sporting history and that, in some way, unite us all.
The artist’s favourite themes are not only limited to the world of sport, they also range to environmental themes.
The artistic mediums chosen are also heterogeneous: from glass to wood to fabric, but above all recycled material.
It is in fact from the port activity that most of the media on which Simone Tribuiani chooses to paint derive: thanks to the proximity of the sea and the acquaintance of a friend in the shipyard sector, the artist has the opportunity to use wooden scraps for his artistic production.
This particular characteristic allows for a corpus of works that are very different from one another precisely in terms of format, also proving to be very versatile when it comes to their placement.


Simone Tribuiani

Tour de France in the stage-tribute to Pantani


Simone Tribuiani

Calcio ’80.
Raccolta “figurine” del campionato Serie A quando la Serie A era il campionato piĆ¹ bello del mondo

Studio d’Arte Raffaelli