April 14 - April 28, 2022

Solomostry debuts on ItaliaNFT – the first NFT marketplace on the excellence of the Italian artistic, cultural and productive heritage – with a collection of revolutionary works, both in concept and in realization. Among these also “Cyber Pandora” a vase made and then destroyed by the artist himself who “rematerializes” in the NFT. This is a unique experiment to celebrate the debut in the NFT world of the Milanese artist known for his “monsters” and for his innovative style but always marked by technical, stylistic and communicative purism. “Cyber Pandora” is the NFT explanation of the most famous jar of all time: the need to “break” to find answers, look beyond the tangible, go further. Thus, the destroyed vessel returns to life thanks to technology, resurfaces in the NFT winning a breath of eternity.
In addition to “Cyber Pandora”, available as a unique work through a dedicated auction, the Solomostry collection on ItaliaNFT includes another 9 pieces buy now (“Fantasmagorie”) and 100 generative pieces (“Opticks”, also in buy now).
“Fantasmagorie” comes from the concept of mutation, fears and diversity, a work aimed at the contemporary through the eyes of the “creatures” that accompany our existence. The artist wants to make the observer feel observed, from the top of a new perspective. In the collectible “Opticks”, instead, we look for a new dimension with respect to the expressive modus of the artist through a continuous chromatic variation capable of giving a great visual impact. The concept of Optical Art merges with the figurative and figuration “monsters” of the artist, now entered into the common imagination.

“I feel back to zero, I’m starting with something new and exciting, I’m really ready to find out what will happen,” comments Solomostry. “I always want to experiment and discover new worlds as I try to bring them to everyone through the eyes of my monsters”.

Stay tuned for its debut on starting April 20!