Stefano Cagol

The Bouvet Island

Museo Nazionale Etrusco of Villa Giulia, Roma

February 20 - March 24, 2024

The Museo Nazionale Etrusco of Villa Giulia (Rome), for its 18th year, is hosting The Bouvet Island: an installation by artist Stefano Cagol, curated by AAC Platform with Camilla Boemio.
The composition aims at a dialogue between multiple aspects: between language of past and contemporary art, aesthetics and ethics. The name of the work recalls an island in the Atlantic Ocean that was subjected to a mysterious nuclear experiment, the Vela case. Cagol, with this suggestion, wants to make us reflect on the paradoxical situation of the tongue of land: it is a pristine and remote atoll, but at the same time the victim of one of the most mysterious human experiments.
Bouvet Island combines multiple aspects of the artist’s philosophy and research, from the most physical elements to those with a structural connotation. Indeed, Cagol investigates various points such as nuclear energy, wilderness and the inherent opposition between this and the colonialistic and overbearing behavior of man.
This connotation is set in opposition with the work’s golden color. Indeed, the chosen hue is associated with a primarily spiritual, divine, sunlit realm, but simultaneously with an idea of strength and wealth, thus landing in the world of human materialism.
This multiple vision takes the viewer toward a universal reading of the work, ranging from the timeless to the human-nature relationship, toward a sense of harmony and balance.


Stefano Cagol. The Bouvet Island, Itinerari nell’arte,, 27.02.2024.