Three Graces and Two Musicians: a dialogue between classical harmony and contemporary rhythms in Trento Three Graces and Two Musicians

Giacomo Bresadola' Secondary School

From June 13, 2024

In the heart of Trento, on the historic façade of the Giacomo Bresadola Middle School, Ozmo unveils his latest creation, “Three Graces and Two Musicians”. This mural, created entirely with spray cans, was inaugurated during the “Allegory of Public Happiness” exhibition, curated by Gabriele Lorenzoni at the Civic Gallery, representing a new interpretation of artistic tradition enriched by contemporary influences. The mural revisits the ancient iconography of the Three Graces, enhancing it with modern elements that symbolize diversity and cultural integration. At the center of the work, three female figures evoke beauty, charm, and grace: Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thalia, while at the base, a young woman with an electric guitar and a man with a stereo from the 80s represent the musical pillars of harmony.

Ozmo states: “In ‘Three Graces and Two Musicians’, I explored how ancient virtues can resonate in a modern context, enriched by the universality of music. This composition not only celebrates beauty and harmony but also invites reflection on shared happiness in a pluralistic and inclusive society.” This significant work becomes a symbol of open and dynamic cultural dialogue within the urban context, emphasizing Ozmo’s commitment to promoting art as a vehicle for social cohesion and free expression. The public work “Three Graces and Two Musicians” will remain a lasting presence in the historic center of Trento, inviting citizens and visitors to reflect on the importance of art in public life and its unifying power.

Thanks to Gabriele Lorenzoni for the invitation, the Civic Gallery, MART of Rovereto, the Municipality of Trento, and the Raffaelli Art Studio and Camilla Nacci.
Special thanks to the Giacomo Bresadola Middle School for providing space for this work, integrating the theme of public happiness with the school’s musical direction.
Photo Credit Caterina Fabbrici

Lastly, thank you to the citizens of Trento for their support and for capturing the essence of the mural through their photographs.


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– Photo Credit: Caterina Fabbrici