On the occasion of the recent entrance of Forte Civezzano – Tagliata superiore within the Trentino circuit, Cellar Contemporary in collaboration with Studio d’arte Raffaelli, exhibits “Übergang | Passaggi d’arte contemporanea”. With this exhibition, the artists David Aaron Angeli, Stefano Cagol, Federico Lanaro, Andy Ness and Laurina Paperina question themeselves with the concepts of passage and transition. In continuity with ARTEFORTE event, the exhibition goes on with the reflection on the recontextualization of the incomparable heritage of war constructions of the Austro-Hungarian era gathered in the “Circuito dei Forti” through the multiple languages of contemporary art. The sculptures, the installations, the artworks, the photograps and videos displayed from 4th August to 10th September at Forte Civezzano – Tagliata superiore, each of them tell about/of the stimulus that led those artists, selected by cellar Contemporary, to confront with the peculiarity of the space of the fort and the wealth of testimonies of the continuous passage of man.