Marco Lodola

Botticelli il suo tempo. E il nostro tempo

Piazza Rosmini, Rovereto

May 22 - August 29

From May 22nd to August 29th the Museum Mart in Rovereto will host the exhibition “Botticelli il suo tempo. E il nostro tempo”. Through the works from 1400 to today, the visitor will make a journey through time marked by two sections of the exhibition. The first, dedicated to Botticelli and his workshop, presents the figure and work of the artist in a clear and exhaustive way. The second part instead testifies, through works from the 60s to today, how the figure of Botticelli has been and still is a source of inspiration for both Italian and international artists, reaching fashion and cinema, invading magazines and the Web.

From the halls of the museum designed by Mario Botta, which host the exhibition, the cult of Venus continues in the evocative setting of the fountain in Piazza Rosmini, in Rovereto. Here a sculpture made by Marco Lodola, proposes a luminous installation “Venus”, a tribute to Botticelli. The work is part of the cycle of electric sculptures, the stylistic signature of the artist who, over the years, has honored the icons of popular culture with his distinctive trait, from the Vespa to the heroes of comics.

Installation View