Willie Bester

Grow Box Art project

Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town

February 17 - May 31, 2019



The exhibition takes its name from an agricultural development project promoted by the AAD (African Artists for Development) organization aimed at accelerating the South African microeconomics with the support of the most important internationally recognized local artists – who, through their vision are called to interpret the most authentic spirit of the “GrowBox”. Willie Bester, already present in the Leridon Collection (founders of AAD), is among the artists invited to exhibit for this particular occasion at the Zeitz MOCAA, the most important South Africa’s museum of contemporary art, which opened in Cape Town in 2017.

“I decided to use a little piece of the GrowBox and use more metal, which I’m used to, and then I connected the piece to the more historical background of suffering under colonialism and apartheid. So I tried to combine the GrowBox story with a deeper root of the problem of poverty and where it comes from and how it sustains itself.” Willie Bester