Willy Verginer

Nature in Art

MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art, Cracovia

April 26 - September 29, 2019

The sculptures of the carving artist Willy Verginer is exposed at the exhibition “Natures in Art” in the MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art of Krakow which will remain opened up till the end of September. “Nature in Art” is a collective exhibition with more than 70 artists coming from all the world.
From the sculpture to the painting, to the installations and to the video, the works are varied and they gaze at the study of the nature, her beauty and all the her aspects, in which artists and their artistic research are involved. The exhibition has been divided into five parts: beauty, ecology, confrontation, terms and symbol.
WWilly Verginer, inside the section “Ecology”, with his carving sculptures in wood tells about the subject which is very expensive for him: the nature and man’s relationship with the environment. Particularly he very often pay attention on the pollution and the necessity of safeguarding the environment and biodiversity.