Willy Verginer

Gazing of Tranquility.

Zhejiang Art Museum

January 7 - February 22 2022

The Italian Cultural Institute of Shanghai and the Zhejiang Art Museum present the exhibition ‘Gazing of Tranquillity: Italian Contemporary Figurative Art Sculpture’, open to the public from 7 January to 20 February 2022. The exhibition features sculptures by Bruno Walpoth, Walter Moroder, Massimiliano Pelletti, Aron Demetz, Hermann Josef Runggaldier, Peter Demetz, Willy Verginer and Gehard Demetz, major expressions of Italian contemporary art. These works are linked to Val Gardena, the South Tyrolean cradle of Ladin culture, and their common denominator is wood, a material used to give substance to archetypal human representations, signs of a perpetually violated sacredness of nature. The exhibition was also conceived in the name of the ancient bond between Italy and China, a connection rich in exchanges of ideas, knowledge and material goods, which dates back to the third century BC, when the Silk Road began to connect West and East.