Zanele Muholi

Biennale di Venezia, Italy

11 May - 24 November 2019


Under the title “May You Live in Interesting Times” the 58th Edition of the Biennial of Venice has brought together 79 artists coming from all the world under the accurate attention of the American director Ralph Rugoff, who has managed to create a kind of encyclopaedia of our times with present problems, like the climatic changes and the social inequalities, the violence on the women and the racism.
In an exhibition we see reflection of career and development of an activity of the South African artist Zanele Muholi who for years fights with definition for the rights of the homosexual persons in his Country where the discriminations are still strong.
Determinate activist, who thinks about the representation of the race and of thegender, showed naked all the our prejudices. His great shootings in white and black we can find in the Arsenal while a works section in less format is in the Pavilion of the Gardens.
We’re glad to remind that in 2008 in our gallery an exhibition of the artist took place, with the photo series “Being” and “Faces and Phases”