Federico Lanaro

Negli Studi. Volti e luoghi dell’arte contemporanea in Trentino

Palazzo Roccabruna, Trento

May 17 - June 4, 2021

From Monday 17 May to Friday 4 June the rooms on the noble floor of Palazzo Roccabruna will host the photographic exhibition “Negli studi. Volti e luoghi dell’arte contemporanea in Trentino”. Through the shots of Giorgio Salomon, the exhibition – which originates from a book of the same name published by MART in 2020 in collaboration with Adac – opens the doors to the workplaces of many established Trentino artists: photographers, painters and sculptors. Each atelier is by definition a mirror of the character of those who live it, and of their artistic and cultural experience. His observation, through the images of the exhibition, is a provocation for the viewer, an explicit invitation to become the protagonist of an investigation, of an exploration of the revealing clues of a story, of a creative tension capable of revealing a poetic. In this path of research, in the privacy of each artist, the succession of the shots becomes a sort of metaliterary reflection on the varied phenomenology of the spaces that accompany the creative process: the cross-section of an analysis on daily activity, an intergenerational journey among those who live the art world intensely to the point of making a contribution to social and cultural issues. Among the artists involved in this project we can find Federico Lanaro. Concept by: Mauro Cappelletti

Installation View